The Climedo Platform

Integrated, modular and connected with your existing infrastructure. Save yourself and your colleagues valuable time.


Direct access to all relevant information

The direct interface with the hospital information system saves you unnecessary process steps and gives you back valuable time. The direct connection between clinical study data, patients and research samples allows you to gain wide-ranging insights.

For example, you can use the system’s comprehensive search function to discover connections between clinical and biomedical information.

Customizable database with granular rights management

Each module comes with flexible expandable building blocks that can be used without prior IT knowledge. Using a drag & drop function, you can prepare well-defined input masks for your planned study, the research samples collected or for the participating patients within minutes.

Make it easy for your researchers to create their own input masks on a study-by-study basis and grant the rights to share these with the entire research group. Create a structured and high-quality data set for future research issues!

Constant monitoring of research quality

A comprehensive dashboard enables you to keep an eye on all research activities and to intervene in the event of critical developments. Recognize connections between patients and thus improve your daily treatment base.

Generate automated quality scores for your research based on defined parameters. Compare yourself with other research institutes in the same research segment using a benchmark analysis.

Intuitive design for maximum efficiency

The intuitive software design saves you and your team from tiresome trainings and allows you to work efficiently with the software from the start. Climedo has developed the software in collaboration with physicians, biologists and bioinformaticians

to introduce this workflow naturally into everyday use of the software. Use the time you save efficiently and increase the quality of your publications.

The Climedo Platform

Electronic patient record

An interface with the hospital information system saves you from having to carry out unnecessary tasks. Work with a single networked system with access to all the necessary information. Record the patient informed consent in electronic and searchable form.


Electronic research management

Manage all your study documents in Climedo. Easily create study data input masks (eCRFs) and share the collected data and documents with internal and external research partners. Build your own comprehensive research database and thus create the basis for your future research.


Electronic laboratory management

Climedo’s networked system also enables you as a biologist to search through your biomaterial collection in the future, based on clinical parameters. Compare clearly presented individual samples based on different parameters and record your findings in the electronic lab notebook.


Electronic image archiving

The image database enables you to organize and manage your image files in a flexible and individualized manner. Customizable and modular input masks will make it easy for you to save images flexibly and centrally in the future. Intelligent algorithms will help you search topic-specific folders for the same disease symptoms and connections.


  • Climedo helps us to develop user friendly and professional solutions for quality assurance of complex therapies.
    Prof. Dr. med. Lutz Uharek
    Charité Berlin
  • Climedo Health shifts the data-driven approach into the focus of medical research and at the same time ensures data privacy.
    Benjamin Bauer
    Managing Director ZOLLHOF (Digital Health Hub)
  • With its innovative and user-centric platform, Climedo makes a decisive contribution to the new era of digital healthcare.
    Andy Goldstein
    Executive Director, LMU Entrepreneurship Center

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