Electronic Laboratory Management

Search and compare your biological samples based on clinical parameters.


Your Benefits

Create your own electronic lab notebook.

Create your own electronic laboratory notebook and laboratory inventory. Whether they are omic files, image files or another generic format, Climedo helps you to collect, manage and file structured data, and to share it with colleagues.

Design your own structured omic data input masks.

Generate individual data collection masks for your research group or specific sample types for your laboratory. Define yourself which data have to be collected and which are flexible. Over time, the structured database will help you research new connections and gain valuable insights.

Search the biodatabase based on clinical parameters.

Thanks to a direct connection to your hospital information system, you can use the clinical data in the laboratory in re-pseudonymized form. The direct connection to genuine patients allows biological samples to be taken based on different clinical parameters or, for example, based on the patient’s consent.

All your samples at a glance and quickly found.

With Climedo you always know where your samples are. The integrated laboratory management enables you to create virtual deep freezers and assign the samples to the storage location. Individual bar codes will make your daily research life significantly easier.

Discover all the benefits and functionalities of the Climedo platform today.

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