Patient Record

All treatment-relevant information is accessible in a searchable database connected to the hospital information system.


Your Benefits

Your electronic, centralized patient record.

Display all the information relevant to the treatment from your hospital information system and all the analysis results from the laboratory in a clear and centralized manner.

Flexible input masks for structured data collection.

Define the clinical parameters relevant for your research and create your own input masks for everyday use, without needing any prior specific data processing knowledge.

Visualize and compare the laboratory results of your patients over time.

We know what is important for intuitive everyday software use. Climedo makes it easy for you to display the laboratory results alongside clinical parameters and, as a result, get a comprehensive overview of your patients’ status in an instant.

We take care of the pseudonymization for you.

Climedo creates pseudonyms for your patients that comply with data protections laws. Fully automatic. On request, the pseudonyms can be generated and managed centrally or cross-clinically. As a result, duplicates become a thing of the past.

Discover all the benefits and functionalities of the Climedo platform today.

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