Multicenter trial on urothelial cancer

The Center for Urologic Research Mannheim saved 50% of documentation time thanks to the use of Climedo.

The Medical Faculty Mannheim of the University of Heidelberg partnered with Climedo to conduct a multicenter trial on urothelial cancer.


Medical Faculty Mannheim of the University of Heidelberg

Research Field



5 university hospitals
across Germany


138 Days

The Challenge

• Multicenter trial involving seven parties across five sites

• Little time for preparatory administration, requiring a quick ramp-up

• Every site using divergent methods of data capture via
different systems and processes

• No tested means for fast and secure data exchange

The Result


50% faster documentation

The use of Climedo resulted in overall time savings of close to 50%, with a 80% faster ramp-up. There was zero data re-entry which led to a significant reduction in time spent for data management. This also helped the researchers to gain faster insights.

Significant cost savings

Climedo helped avoid the overhead of a CRO, resulting in a significant reduction of net study costs. Thanks to Climedo’s intuitive interface, the participants were able to set up the entire study design themselves without any necessary programming skills or external support.

The Bottom Line

“Without Climedo, the clinical trial would simply not have been possible to conduct in the given time. Building on this experience, we are planning to adopt it as our platform of choice.”

– Philipp Erben, Head of Urologic Research Mannheim

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