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All your research data in one holistic system

Bring an end to disconnected analog systems by applying a safe and fully digital solution to conduct your medical research projects in one place, without any administrative hassle. Climedo was developed in collaboration with Europe’s leading hospitals, such as the Charité in Berlin, and supports monocenter and multicenter research projects in the collection, exchange and analysis of all study-relevant data points in a structured, efficient, and reusable way.

Increase Profits

Open up new revenue streams with a modern, intuitive and affordable platform tailored to your individual needs.

Save Time

Efficiently conduct your clinical trials with a flexible platform. Benefit from integrated EDC for adaptable eCRF and fast onboarding.

Ensure Quality

Stay up to date on your trial status and site performance with real-time monitoring. Identify top performing sites for future studies.

Key Features

Interconnected database including patient and biosample data

Real-time monitoring and data visualizations


Self-service eCRF offering flexible, intuitive, form-based design

Patient surveys (ePRO and eDiaries).


Additional Features

  • Reporting of (S)AEs and incidents
  • Data import and export in CSV, Excel and PDF
  • Audit trail on datapoint level
  • User-friendly query management
  • Document upload, e.g. study protocol, guidelines, lab ranges
  • Hosting on multiple secure servers

Start your next clinical research project today



Smoothly transfer all your data points from previous systems. Convenient and with no need for prior data preparation or specialist IT skills.


Work in compliance with relevant regulations (GxP, EU MDR, IVDR, 21 CRF Part 11) and data protection laws according to German authorities.


Our simple and flexible pricing model allows both commercial and non-commercial partners to benefit from the best solutions for their needs.  

  • Climedo helps us to develop user friendly and professional solutions for quality assurance of complex therapies.
    Prof. Dr. med. Lutz Uharek
    Charité Berlin
  • Climedo Health shifts the data-driven approach into the focus of medical research and at the same time ensures data privacy.
    Benjamin Bauer
    Managing Director ZOLLHOF (Digital Health Hub)
  • With its innovative and user-centric platform, Climedo makes a decisive contribution to the new era of digital healthcare.
    Andy Goldstein
    Executive Director, LMU Entrepreneurship Center